3D Printing

We can 3D print your design in a variety of materials, from flexible to tough polycarbonate.

  • FDM 3D printing sizes up to 280 x 280 x 250mm.
  • 0.1 - 0.4mm layer resolution.
  • Transparent, flexible, conductive or UV reactive plastics.
  • ABS, ASA, Nylon, PET, PLA, Polycarbonate, HIPS, TPU/TPE.
  • Free help and advice on 3D printing materials and 3D design
  • 3D printing service with free delivery for UK South East and Surrey.
  • Fast turnaround, next-day available on most 3D prints

All colours in most materials are available, please allow +48hrs for colours out of stock.

Ideal for:

  • Concept and scale models.
  • Props and cosplay items.
  • Replacement parts.
  • STEM and Student projects.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Robotics and IoT project design.


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3D Printable Materials Guide
Material Pros Cons Examples
PLA General all-rounder Not easily sanded  Models, boxes, cosplay, IoT
ABS Sandable, smoothable Shrinks  Handles, knobs, models
ASA Strong, UV resistant Shrinks Signs, outdoor items
PETG Glossy, smooth Difficult to span distances Models, watertight boxes
PC Extra stiff and strong more expensive Functional items, shell, chassis
TPE Flexible, stretchable limited complexity Camera mount, rubber case
HIPS Stiff, lightweight cheaper, lower quality Simple models
Nylon Extra strong and tough Warping, difficult to print Functional items, bearings