1 Hour Emergency Remote Technical Application/OS Support (20:00 - 08:00)

1 Hour Emergency Remote Technical Application/OS Support (20:00 - 08:00)
Manufacturer: Ozoid Ltd

This is for Outside of (08:00 - 20:00) hours - Emergency Only

There is a minimum charge of 1 hour or call-out fee (depending on resolution)

We will notify you if the work is outside of our technical scope, no fee will be charged.

Access details will need to be provided in most circumstances.

A clear description of the problem including error messages/codes must be provided.

If a resolution cannot be found within the first hour, only a call-out fee will be charged (£20).

If a resolution is found within the hour you will be notified before the resolution is implemented and if this will take any further time.

If the resolution requires reboot or restarting of critical services, you will be notified beforehand.

Problem Investigation and Resolution time is calculated as follows:

  • Time Starts Upon successful access to the system.
  • Problem investigation and diagnosis is included.
  • Time will pause when we await further instruction or confirmation.
  • Time Ends upon successful resolution, stop request from customer or no resolution found within first hour.

We reserve the right to terminate our work if it is deemed that you have illegal material on your systems or are trading outside of UK law.