Scheduled Remote Application/OS Management

Monthly remote Application/OS Management

A Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly schedule of comprehensive checks for your IT systems.

  • Operating System updates and security patches
  • Regular security and vulnerability assessments.
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam management.
  • User management - accounts, permissions and secuity.
  • Active Directory domain management and security policy control.
  • Backup monitoring, offsite backups and restoration checks.
  • System Monitoring of servers and applications.
  • VoIP system management, setup, additional extensions.
  • Firewall management, rules and network security.
  • On-Site facility for UK South-East business.
  • Reponse Time SLA - (08:00-20:00 m/f)


No-Contract, pay-as-you-go or peace of mind solutions are available.


Ideal for:

  • Small business with no or little IT experience.
  • Remote management of hosting and server platforms.
  • Virtual Machine and cloud system management.
  • Emergency or maternity/paternity IT support cover.


Access details will need to be provided in all circumstances.

* Offiste Backup - Addtional cost per GB

We reserve the right to terminate our work if it is deemed that you have illegal material on your systems or are trading outside of UK law.